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What does a Podiatrist do?

Podiatrists work with people throughout all ages!

Examples are:

  • Those with nail pathologies, corns or callus.

  • Diabetics who may have problems with circulation and sensation in their feet.

  • Individuals with osteoarthristis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Those with sports injuries who are suffering pain.

  • Those who may not need treatment but want footwear advice or how to best look after their feet.

What will a typical treatment include?

  • Routine Nail Care

  • Corn and Hard skin removal

  • Treatment of Ingrown Toe Nails

  • Verucca Treatment and Advice

  • Footwear and Footcare Advice

  • Insole Prescription

  • Diabetic Assessment and Treatments

Sarah is experienced in working with elderly people and those with special educational needs.