Our Facilites & Treatments

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Excellent treatment rooms


Our clinic is wheelchair friendly and has a spacious reception/ welcome area. On the ground floor we have two well equipped treatment rooms for the rehabilitation of a range of musculoskeletal conditions as well as a disabled friendly toilet.

Rehabilitation suite

gymRoom Our fully equipped rehabilitation suite can be used for the later stages of injury to redevelop strength balance and co-ordination to return the patient to normal function as soon as possible

What we do

Mobilisation and Manipulation.

To reduce pain and stiffness.


To relax muscles and relieve pain.


To speed up the healing process (ultrasound).

Acupunture / Dry Needling.

May be used to relieve muscle spasm and promote healing.

Nerve/Neurological Mobilisation.

To encourage the healthy healing of the nerve.

Rehabilitation and Exercise Programmes.

Designed to improve mobility and strengthen muscles.

Joint & soft tissue injection therapy

For pain relief and to suppress inflammation.

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