Concerned about clicking & popping knees?

  • February 18, 2020

Are you concerned about the clicking and cracking in your knees?

People often come to the clinic concerned that they hear cracking and popping from their knees on movement.
The first question I ask is if there is any pain, swelling, giving way or locking? If not there is probably nothing to worry about!

The noise is usually due to little air bubbles inside the fluid within the joint which burst due to changes of joint pressure creating a clicking or popping sound.

Another reason could be when ligaments or tendons slip over bony lumps and bumps in the joint and snap back into place. This will also make the same snapping or cracking sound.

So the general rule is – If your knee is making noise and is accompanied by pain or swelling seek professional advice. If not don’t worry there is probably nothing wrong.