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“Went to see Tony recently with a shoulder problem which I have had for quite some time.Had been to a few Physio’s but nobody was able to accurately diagnose the problem.Even though i was not making any improvement with them they all seem just to keep me coming back time after time even though it was not doing me any good.What impressed me about Tony was his honesty and his ability to accurately diagnose my problem and was up front enough to say that he though that my condition was beyond the help of a physio and that I needed surgical intervention.Further investigations were made and indeed I needed surgery.Thank you tony for you’re expertise which saved me money as you did not make me go through pointless physio sessions to my expense when not required.Tony was then able to give me the right advice after the surgery and I have made a full recovery. I am glad Tony was recommended to me by a friend otherwise I would probably be still be in pain and out of pocket.”
John McMaster – Director
I’d been suffering from lower back pain for a few weeks and had never been to Physio before so to be honest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or whether physio would even help. A colleague had recommended Tony to me, after she herself had been round the houses with a bad back, before she eventually went to Tony, who sorted it for her. Tony’s in depth knowledge and his ability to confidently diagnose the specific problem at the first session was hugely reassuring. 4 treatments later with Tony and following some of his simple advice around posture and manual lifting and my back is almost back to normal!
Stephen Bogan – MD of Genesis Advertising
“I have known Tony for the past ten years, he is an impeccable character, and I always find him courteous and sincere with his patient management. As a Chartered Physiotherapist he strives for excellence, continually improving his professional development with new skills and up to date knowledge. He is an extremely skilled clinician and as a close friend, I am very proud of what he has achieved and have personally recommended him many times for family, friends and colleagues in living in Northern Ireland.”
Carl Todd – Clinical Director and Consultant Osteopath to England National Football Team and Chelsea FC

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